On 5 November 2022 the yearly NGGA Block Competition kicked off with a bang!

This years judges started evaluating entry blocks from 1 November 2022.

Our judges this year were:

Trix Quixley ( Head Judge)

Lionel van Schalkwyk

Danie Kritzinger

Robert Oosthuizen

Mr. Andre Jacobs , managing director of Agri Farming services gave an interesting presentation on the table grape industry’s history and future, aswell as the econimic climate that grape growers are experiencing at the moment.

Our main sponsors this year, Bergrivier Besproeiing ,Bosman Adama and PW Landboudienste said a few words also.

The highlight of the day was of course the announcement of the winning blocks.

The competition consisted of 2 catogories namely,

1.Production Block

2.Young vine Block

We would like to congratulate the following winners:

Production Block:

1st  prize Snr manager Jeremiah Kamati

1st prize Jnr manager Petrus Hakwaashika

2nd prize Snr manager Jeremiah Kamati

2nd prize Jnr  manager Thomas Sikoka

3rd prize Snr manager Jeremiah Kamati

3rd prize Jnr manager Ludwig Dimunga


Young Vines:


1st prize Snr manager Jeremiah Kamati

1st prize Jnr Jnr manager Ludwig Dimunga

2nd prize Snr manager Jeremiah Kamati

2nd prize Jnr manager Thomas Sikoka

3rd prize Snr  manager Hendrik Nyambe

3rd prize Jnr manager  Ismael Mbarandongo

The guests also made visits to the winning block vineyards!

The ended with a lovely lunch and good company!

We would like to thank all parties involved in making this day possible to enhance the Namibian Table Grape Industry!

(36) Nico van der Merwe | Tafeldruifbedryf in Namibië | 24 November 2022 – YouTube